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The Key to Fantastic Customer Service

The Key to Fantastic Customer Service? Cultivating Company Culture!

Kevin Gillam is the Director of Marketing at Ruby Receptionists. Ruby is a leading live virtual receptionist service in Portland, Oregon and provides personalized, remote receptionist service for small businesses throughout North America.

A company’s culture takes over where the employee handbook leaves off. It shows the 

Printcompany’s values, mission, and vision in action and affects not only employees, but every client, vendor, and visitor, too. So, it’s no surprise that the most successful businesses are often those that have the best company cultures and aren’t willing to compromise it.

The Building Blocks

With a solid company culture, your employees will be happier, more loyal, more productive, and look forward to going to work every day. They’ll make it their personal mission to offer great customer service and go out of their way to brighten clients’ days. Sounds pretty good, right?

Here’s how to get started:

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