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SteveMy name is Steve Peacocke, welcome to my Blog.
I’ve been writing blogs for many years. My last blog has a very high hit rate and even though I had not posted in a while, I found that it still had a very large number of hits. Looking at what people were searching for, I found technical team leadership to be amongst the items that brought people to the blog (Steve’s Software Development Blog). I decided that instead of (or perhaps as well as) continuing with the development blog, that I’d start this blog related to leading technical teams. So LeadingTechnicalTeams.com was born. This will be a little different and ask for your input. I need everyone’s experiences so that it is truly a place where leaders of technical teams can come to learn.
I’ve been leading highly technical teams for more than 20 years from small 1 or 2 man teams right up to large 50+ teams spread all over the world in different teams. I’ve been studying management and team leadership for many years and enjoy the subject, but I’ve seen time and time again, highly technical people placed in a leadership role due to nothing more than their recognised technical abilities and people wonder why they struggle.
Leadership is a totally different skillset to the technical skills that got you to that position. LeadingTechnicalTeams.com is my way of helping people everywhere to learn, discuss, resolve issues, and get advice.
I’d also love to hear your story. Email me directly, link to my linkedin address, or send me an outline for a posting on the blog. I’m very much in favour of allowing others to post their own page as it helps us all.
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I am available for speaking at functions or for training sessions. Contact me (contact page) and I will call or email you to discuss the opportunity.

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