The Key to Fantastic Customer Service

The Key to Fantastic Customer Service? Cultivating Company Culture!

Kevin Gillam is the Director of Marketing at Ruby Receptionists. Ruby is a leading live virtual receptionist service in Portland, Oregon and provides personalized, remote receptionist service for small businesses throughout North America.

A company’s culture takes over where the employee handbook leaves off. It shows the 

Printcompany’s values, mission, and vision in action and affects not only employees, but every client, vendor, and visitor, too. So, it’s no surprise that the most successful businesses are often those that have the best company cultures and aren’t willing to compromise it.

The Building Blocks

With a solid company culture, your employees will be happier, more loyal, more productive, and look forward to going to work every day. They’ll make it their personal mission to offer great customer service and go out of their way to brighten clients’ days. Sounds pretty good, right?

Here’s how to get started:

  • Share your vision: If someone asks one of your employees, “What’s the point?” and they don’t know the answer, it’s a bad sign. Each employee should know your vision and values by heart – as well as how their role plays a part. Armed with this information, employees will be able to make better judgment calls and prioritize their work to align with company-wide goals.
  • Develop trust: An employee who trusts his managers and coworkers is one who communicates and cooperates better. Trust starts with management. This, for example, means that a manager offers extra responsibilities, asks for opinions, offers productive feedback, creates opportunities that drive employee participation and celebrates victories of all sizes. When an employee develops a sense of trust in his employer, he is more likely to be more proactive about problem solving and more willing to accept change. He’ll also take it upon himself to offer not just great customer service, but effective customer solutions, as well.
  • Incent: Tie rewards to the outcomes you’d like to see from your staff. For example, many companies based employee reviews on sparkling attendance records and meeting deadlines. But what about the quality of the work? Or whether they anticipated clients’ needs, giving them more than they asked for – maybe even something they didn’t even know they wanted? If you want your staff to truly go above and beyond on projects, see that other criteria make it into the mix.
  • Inspire: Share stories! Stories of impeccable customer service, innovative solutions, client compliments, and more. Not only does it recognize and give positive feedback to those individuals, it will inspire other team members to join in and create their own remarkable stories. 
  • Empower: Encourage your employees to participate in decisions – and give them the tools to find their own solutions. With the proper training and direction, they’ll think of creative ideas that can make a big impact on client experiences. Also, when staff members feel like they’re making a difference, employee turnover decreases.

If your employees are happy, your customers will know it. The quality of service goes up, which in turn, will make your customers happy. When you build your company’s culture, not only will your organization be known for its products and services, but also for having an enviable, WOW-worthy team.